Course Requirements List

All students working towards the UNH Geospatial Science (GSS) Graduate Certificate must complete the following requirements. GSS 800: Elements of Geospatial Science, One program approved GIS course, One program approved Data Analysis course, and two program approved electives. Though not required, it is highly recommended that all students working towards the GSS Certificate start their course work with GSS 800 Elements of Geospatial Science. Here are some examples of suggested course tracks.

Elements of Geospatial Science (Core Requirement) Instructor Credits Semester Availability
GSS 800 Elements of Geospatial Science Michael Routhier 4 J-Term Yearly
Geographic Information Systems (One of the following) Instructor Credits Semester Availability
GSS 805 Applied GIS for Research Michael Routhier 4 Summer Yearly
GSS 807 GIS for Earth and Environmental Science Michael Palace 4 Fall Yearly
GSS 809/CIE 896 GIS in Water Resources Jennifer Jacobs 4 Spring Odd Years
NR 860* GIS in Natural Resources Russell Congalton 4 Spring Odd Years
Data Analysis (One of the following) Instructor Credits Semester Availability
BIOL 811 Applied Biostatistics II Christopher Neefus 4 Spring Yearly
ESCI 896 (05) Time Series Analysis Thomas Lippman 4 Spring Odd Years
MATH 836 Advanced Statistical Methods for Research Phil Ramsey 3 Spring Yearly
MATH 839 Applied Regression Analysis Phil Ramsey 3 Fall Yearly
MATH 944** Spatial Statistics Ernst Linder 3 Spring Odd Years
SOC 901 Intermediate Social Statistics Ken Johnson 4 Fall Yearly
Electives (Two of the following) Instructor Credits Semester Availability
GSS 817/ESCI 896 (04) Remote Sensing for Earth & Env. Sci. Michael Palace 4 Spring Yearly
GSS 896 Crowd Source Mapping Shane Bradt 4 Spring Yearly
GSS 996 Independent Study in Geospatial Science Michael Routhier 2-4 Any Yearly
MATH 831 Mathematics for Geodesy Steve Wineberg 3 Fall Yearly
NR 857 Remote Sensing for the Environment Russell Congalton 4 Fall Yearly
NR 859 Digital Image Processing Russell Congalton 4 Spring Even Years
NR 882 Monitoring Forest Health Barry Rock 4 Fall Yearly
OE/ESCI 871 Geodesy and Positioning for Ocean Mapping Semme Dijkstra 4 Spring Yearly
SOC 897 Sociological Methods - Survey Research Larry Hamilton 4 Spring Odd Years

*Prerequisite needed for NR 860 and NR 859
**MATH 944 and EOS 864 may be taken as an elective if not used to fulfill the Data Analysis Core requirement

The listing of above class availability is tentative. All students interested in the timing of current semester and future classes should contact course instructors to verify when classes will officially be offered.

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